No Holds Barred – A jolly jaunt to France!

No Holds Barred is our chance to show you what the world of cocktails can be at its most cutting edge…when you remove the usual restrictions of menus, saleability and practicality, anything is possible! Come and join on the 15th September a jolly jaunt to France, where we will drink and make merry with our continental cousins. Centuries of war might divide us, but on one thing we’ve always agreed: there’s nothing quite like a bevvy to lift the spirits! For this month’s No Holds Barred we will be joined by the inimitable Jérôme Allaguillemette of Sexy Fish in Mayfair. One of our friends from World Class 2016, he will bring along his unique brand of kinky creativity and characteristic French-ness! Expect more than a little French cuisine, beautiful wines and funky bits of history…
For tickets please purchase here

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