14th July No Holds Barred – Where The Wild Things Are… 7.30pm – 9.30pm

So much of what we consume is cultivated for the express purpose of making cheap food quickly, often sacrificing on flavour…during July, we seek to challenge that absurdity! Come and join us for Where The Wild Things Are, a celebration of wild and foraged ingredients from around the British Isles, each at the epitome of their season. We will be looking at the experience of living naturally and what it can mean for how we eat and drink. After all, what better cup of tea have you had than when you were sitting by a fire on a mountainside? Have blackberries ever tasted more fragrant than when picked from the hedgerow on an early morning walk? This is all about nature, and we will be shedding our usual suits and boots for a somewhat wilder experience. Would you like to join us on this little adventure into the unknown? We will be experimenting with the use of foraged ingredients to make a selection of drinks unlike anything you will have tried before! Every foraged ingredient will be paired with something just a little unexpected, so be warned…your taste buds are in for quite the ride! In this session, we will also be experimenting with other senses, specifically the impact of sounds on your drink!
£50 per person call us now to book your place 0121 454 5212

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