Simply Scientific Innovation

Here at The Edgbaston our ethos comprises three words: “Hospitality, Creativity, Quality”. Simply, innovation is at the centre of who we are as a team and a business.

For years at The Kenilworth, and since we opened The Edgbaston, we’ve experimented with some incredible ideas, from barrel-ageing to mixed-temperature drinks, alcoholic foams to edible drinks, clear cocktails to colour-changing ones, ice sculpting to dry ice, carbonation to pre-bottling and of course head-turning garnishes (favourites include the Milk and Cookies in a milk bottle and the Clover Club 3000 with rhubarb candy floss!).

But we don’t like to rest on our laurels.

Luke and the rota vap small image
Our new menu takes advantage of cutting edge technologies and culinary techniques that allow us to push ourselves (and maybe you, a little) out of our comfort zones and into a space where are creativity can really run wild.
Perhaps the biggest news on this front is our newest piece of kit: the rotary evaporator (or rotavap for short). We call her Roxanne, because she’s a foxy lady. What she does is all very scientific and geeky (much like our team), but to put it simply we are able to put quite literally any flavour into any drink, alcoholic or not. We’ve made vodka with the world’s spiciest chilli peppers where we’ve only allowed the flavour of the chilli to come across and not the spice. We’ve made gin that has hints of slate and other minerals. We’ve made a hydrosol that smells exactly like mango chutney.
We are distilling under vacuum to create drinks that nobody in the West Midlands has ever been able to before, and these new drinks will be featured exclusively on our new menu, which will be launched in Mid-November.
Perhaps the most exciting for those of you who like the old favourites (they’re favourites for a reason!) is the Claro Mojito. That’s right, a mojito that’s completely clear but tastes beautiful. Magic.